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Hemp Farming Services

. Services available
• Exclusive and general agricultural requirements (cultivation engineering, soil maintenance, fieldwork)
• Advice on climate conditions and timing
• Harvesting, processing (cleaning, drying, etc) and warehouse storing
• Sowing and storing seeds (strains)
• Organic certification processes and regulations
• Advice and guidance for obtaining agricultural permits and licenses
• Selection of suitable certified hemp varieties for specific utilization
• Advice on harvest of CBD rich industrial hemp and timing of harvest
• Advice on drying CBD rich hemp and further processing
• Advice on CO2 extraction (parameters, temperatures, pressure, volume)
• Advice for processing hemp fiber (plant waste) and creating proper inputs
• Advice and print out of “Quality control practices”
• SOP and GMP pertaining to growing, processing, and dispensing hemp or cannabis operations
• Inventory control and record keeping plans
• Alcohol and drug-free workplace policies
• Advice on water, soil and plant tissue testing
• Integrated pest control (products and management)
• Mold, fungus, and virus management and insight
• Nutrient advice (enzymes, beneficial bacteria’s, nitrogen fixing bacteria)
• Crop assessment and reporting; every 14-30 days depending on agreement of duties
• Cost saving programs; fertilizers, water, soil health (increasing organic matter), plant production, processing, product marketing guidance
• Employee and management overview and assessment; what makes a positive workplace successful
• Guidance on goals of company growth and forecasts
• Understanding profit building by becoming a multi-focused business
• Utilizing acreage for optimal growth and production
• Cover crop sourcing and guidance
• Maintaining invasive weeds without chemicals
• Irrigation controls for proper field moisture control
• Livestock rotation guidance (sustainable agriculture)
• Understanding the use of heavy operation equipment on or around fields; tilling, discing, plowing, will be avoided with proper field practices
• PH guidance; organic nutrients will lock up completely without proper PH balance
• Observe possible environmental factors that may inhibit state or federal regulations

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